Various release audio magazine vol. 36

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This is another landmark release by a record company that definitely knows what it’s doing. This present CD is no exception. Archeophone let’s the recordings speak for themselves. They’re restorations never attract attention to themselves. This is important. Herein is a superb reissue of some this vocalist’s recordings from as early as 1903 and stretching into the late 1920’s. Burr is a Canadian. But Henry Burr is a pseudonym. His real name is Harry McClaskey. Oddly you’ll see recordings that feature Henry Burr or Harry McClaskey…on other record labels he uses curious inventions of this combination of names. The first thing that attracts anyone to any Archeophone CD is the research that produces superb programme notes. These are exceptional. McClaskey sang in quartets, in trios, in duos but most notably he was a tenor whose voice recorded beautifully all by itself. The reward for McClaskey was stunning sales figures for his recordings. Figures that made him a true recording star by the time his career came to a close in 1928. I swear you can even hear some of the tears falling from his cheeks when he records those songs that made listeners hearts pause. Listen to track 26. It’s his 1927 recording of, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”. Was it this recording that Gladys Presley had in mind when she asked her son, superstar, Elvis Presley to record more than 30 years later? Here’s an impressive fact; his earliest recordings were in 1903…..his final recordings were made in 1928….over that 25 year span he cut more than 5000 discs. WOW!!!!!

[May 20, 2008] 3ivx Technologies demonstrates Real-Time 1080HD MPEG-4 Multicore Encoding and live RTP Streaming at CeBIT 2008

I thought that creating a Twitter account would be helpful for letting you participate on small steps of EAC development. I will try to post smaller progress information into my micro-blog, as soon as I have some work done on EAC. And I also try to give some background information on some design decisions I will make throughout the development process. If you are interested (and maybe be able to give feedback to some design decisions), I would be glad if you follow my micro-blog on http:///exactaudiocopy .

Various Release Audio Magazine Vol. 36Various Release Audio Magazine Vol. 36Various Release Audio Magazine Vol. 36Various Release Audio Magazine Vol. 36